Security Print and Integrated Forms

Security Print

For over 40 years Camelot Ghana Plc.  has provided solutions to help prevent forgery, tampering and counterfeiting on high value paper documents for various organisations throughout the world.

Working closely with our diverse range of customers to understand the individual challenges that they face in their environment, we use our extensive experience as a security printing company to determine the most appropriate combination of covert and overt security techniques to authenticate a document and ensure that it cannot be fraudulently reproduced or altered without detection. Watermarked papers, security inks, holograms, security designs and numbering schemes are some of the security features that we use to secure your printed documents.

Whether it’s examination printing, election printing or any other security print requirement, take a look through our website to view some of the security print products that we manufacture, and see how we can help you with your project.

Integrated Forms

Camelot Ghana Plc. is one of the leading manufacturers of integrated labels and integrated cards in the UK.

Integrated Labels

Integrated labels are our speciality – we produce millions of them every year, ready for use as online despatch labels and numerous other time saving documents.

Integrated Cards

Integrated Cards are an excellent solution for membership cards, ID cards, travel passes or loyalty cards. With an integrated card you can personalise an A4 letter and the card at the same time to be delivered to the recipient in one simple and practical document, saving both time and money.

Bespoke Integrated Products

Talk to us about bespoke integrated documents and create a unique, highly effective solution to make your product or brand stand out.


Rather than viewing technology as a threat to the printed document, our philosophy at Camelot Ghana is to embrace it and use it in tandem with our print offering to help you manage your project and enhance security.

Printing is only one part of the service that we provide to our clients, as we manage your project from implementation and manufacturing through to fulfillment and secure distribution. Our talented IT team deliver effective software solutions that provide discernible benefits to our customers, empowering them and adding value to their project.

Our technology offerings include:

  • Reporting software
  • Validation software
  • Variable data printing
  • App development