Certificate Printing

Secure Certificate Printing

Our expertise in document fraud prevention, detection and deterrence has assisted universities, colleges, education authorities and awarding bodies throughout the world to protect their brands and reputations from the damage created by fraud. We currently provide secure certificate printing solutions to many institutions in Ghana and many international organisations.


Preventing certificate fraud

The fraudulent reproduction of certificates has increased considerably in recent years, creating a huge headache for many organisations. Fake certificates can be used to assist in illegal entry into the country, as well as to secure employment in fields for which an individual is not qualified, damaging the reputation of businesses and awarding bodies and possibly even placing the public at risk.

Certificate Security

As specialists in secure certificate printing, personalisation and design, we offer many innovative and highly effective security features, incorporating the latest techniques for protecting your certificates against fraud. Camelot work closely with Awarding Bodies to understand the vulnerability of each certificate project to fraud, and consequently advise on the most appropriate security methods to prevent unauthorised use.

  • Secure paper stock with a unique watermark
  • Complex security background designs
  • UV inks
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Holographic foils
  • Bleed through numbering
  • Micro embossed die
  • Online verification and authentication

Certificate Printing Options

Our software solutions provide additional security to your certificates, enabling you to confirm their authenticity in the field. Our number validation systems can be verified using the device, platform and operating system that best suits your requirements. Talk to us about our PURL offerings, where a QR code printed on the secure certificate provides a link to a webpage that corroborates the information on the certificate, and confirms that it has not been fraudulently altered.

  • Personalised Certificate Printing
  • Secure Numbering
  • Certificate Validation