Gift Voucher Printing

Gift Voucher Printing

Gift vouchers are one of the most cost effective methods of promoting a business, generating profits and improving cashflow. They can create new business opportunities, increase customer spend and encourage repeat business.

Camelot Ghana produces gift vouchers for companies all over the world. We have a wealth of experience in printing security documents, and use advanced security features, including specialist security inks and papers with difficult to reproduce security background designs to protect your gift voucher from unauthorised duplication.

Security Features

A variety of security features can be incorporated to easily authenticate and protect your gift voucher, including:

  • Holograms
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Invisible UV inks
  • Microtext
  • Watermarked paper
  • Security numbering


We can produce your gift vouchers in any format; loose, with counterfoils or in books. Personalisation and barcodes can also be readily incorporated to aid in managing and controlling your vouchers.

Ticket Printing

Camelot Ghana also produce event tickets for concerts, festivals, and sports events to any size or format. Protect your event from the damage caused by counterfeiting with the appropriate combination of security features on your tickets, including holographic foils, fluorescent UV inks visible only under black light and various numbering options. If you require them to be personalised, then we can do that for you to as well as mailing them to your customers.