What is Camverify?
The menace of cheque cloning and counterfeiting is real. In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the number of cheque fraud incidents in the financial sector. The most common form is from low grade counterfeit/cloned cheques, where a target institution’s cheque design is printed on a non-bank paper to perpetrate fraud
CamVerify offers a web-based user-friendly verification solution that speeds up cheque processing, secure image verifications, while offering a wide variety of report options from its unique dashboard.

Why Choose Camverify?
Besides detecting cloned or fraudulent cheques, Camverify speeds up the verification of cheques (single and bulk) process, thereby making it easier and faster for both bank and customer.
With CamVerify, data integrity is assured. Further, data analysis & reports, track and trace from both parties (Camelot and the bank) are simpler to do with CamVerify.