Our Business

Each day thousands of cheques and other negotiable documents are generated. Using today´s typical office technology, the same desktop system that produces a dynamic presentation can also produce an exact copy of your corporate or personal cheque. It takes only one cheque, the right technology and one criminal mind to rob you of millions of dollars. In addition to the old reliable tools of the trade such as an exacto knife, bleach and solvents, modern day counterfeiters are using PCs, scanners and colour copiers to recreate, alter or duplicate original cheques or cards. Think about it!

We offer tailored training to financial institutions and top-tier organizations in document security. To complement our security products and in partnership with some of the leading global innovators in the industry, CAMELOT offers select smart technology solutions in the areas of hologram origination, bespoke paper origination, document authentication and verification systems, among others.