Hologram Printing

Foils and Holograms

Metallic foils provide visual interest to any document. They are available in a large range of colors, and also add a basic level of security. They can be made more secure and unique using micro-embossing. However, if your document is vulnerable to fraudulent use, a hologram should be your preferred choice.

Hologram Printing
We apply holograms to cheques, certificates, tickets and vouchers through to visas, vehicle documents and many other security documents. Holograms add considerable interest and value to a document, as well as increased security. They provide a unique level of protection against fraudulent conversion, offer a quick visible authentication, are widely recognised and cannot be duplicated through photocopying or computer scanning. Our dedicated production lines enable us to apply a variety of hologram styles in various shapes and sizes in volumes reaching the millions.

Hologram Printing Options

Wallpaper Holograms
This is the most cost effective hologram option, but also the most easily obtainable. For those higher value documents that are more vulnerable to fraud, you may want to consider one of the more secure hologram options below.

Registered Holograms
A registered hologram guarantees that each hologram looks exactly the same, making verification easier and maintaining your brand.

Bespoke Holograms
Standard holograms are readily available, but they are also easier for the fraudsters to obtain. We can arrange to create a bespoke hologram for you, but if cost or time is an issue, we have our own hologram design, which provides additional security, as it is available only to Camelot Ghana.

Enhance your Foil

All of our foils and holograms are applied using hot foil stamping. They can all be enhanced further with additional processes such as die-cutting, embossing or micro-embossing. These additional processes make it much more difficult for your document to be reproduced and can also strengthen your brand identity.