Security Designs

Security Background Designs

These are created using specialist software and are designed to be difficult to reproduce. They typically contain guilloche patterns and ‘numismatic’ relief effects (that can be personalised to incorporate a customer’s name or logo, as shown in the example below). These techniques can be used in combination with other complex patterns, to produce security print designs that cannot easily be reproduced.

Anti-Photocopy Feature

These reveal a hidden message when photocopied, such as “Void” or “Fraud” and can be used to provide another level of protection against fraudulent alteration. This feature is best used in conjunction with other security features.


Microtext is extremely small text, not readily visible to the naked eye, that can be used in place of lines in a form. It is used to authenticate a document with the aid of a magnifying glass.

Split Duct Printing

The security and visual impact of your document can be enhanced greatly by using split duct printing processes on press. This is particularly effective when used in conjunction with our security background designs.