Production Security & Quality Assurance

CAMELOT designs, processes, prints, and finishes all security print orders in-house in its production facility. To ensure the secure handling of documents of confidential nature or negotiable value, we have strict procedures which include:

• Full product design and solution consulting in-house.
• Ability to take on originals in any form.
• Safe storage and call-off facility with delivery locally or secure air haulage delivery to airports.
• Verification and analysis of redeemed trackable items through production audit trailing.
• Supervised secured destruction of waste matter.
• Numerous technological measures designed to provide full protection and quality at every stage of production.
• CCTV camera system monitoring production in all rooms 24 / 7.
• Access to production area with personalised swipe card only.
• No mobile phones or digital cameras in production area allowed.
• Zero Tolerance Policy for all security matters.